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About Us

The ISOFIA group started in July 2020 during the first lockdown. A group of people worldwide from all walks of life started to meet and exchange views about the present and ongoing situation. New people joined through word of mouth and the only entry requirements were reference through referral and trust.



The first step is creating valuable connections: ISOFIA hosts some Telegram groups aimed at the exchange of information, knowledge, visions, projects, and experiences. 

Weekly Events

Every week ISOFIA hosts regular online meetings, where representatives of interesting projects are invited to present their experiences.


ISOFIA organizes frequent live meetings where people from online groups and events will gather and work together


with Us

Get in touch to learn more about the ISOFIA association, and be invited to our groups and activities.

Support the MEEP Project

To realize ISOFIA MEEP we have stages to go through for which we need financial support and/or exchanges of services, from all those who believe in the need to create new places of study and educational and professional development

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time"

 Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace