Multidisciplinary Experiential Educational Pole

“O Man, know thyself and thou shalt know the cosmos and the Gods.”

(On the threshold of the Oracle of Delphi)

The Project

This project is born from the need for change in solidarity and awareness of our social paradigm. We want to unite young people and facilitators for the implementation of the MEEP, a pole of study and research, which has the goal of starting a way to an educational proposal: We want to plant a small seed in the more fertile ground of creativity to become in a near future a huge BAOBAB tree.

True education awakes consciousness and guides change!

The process of education ISOFIA wants to bring together men and women to be ready to accept the challenge of creating an education pole, outside of structures, diagrams, programs, schools, universities, and academics, who have formed millions, if not billions, of human beings only for the purpose of providing functional literacy to the system, the slave that the current crisis has put out in all its cruelty.


ISOFIA wants to create a network of human and professional excellence and build a network of trust with partners, who share the same goals so that students will be recognized and requested by national or even international communities, to:

– occupy with love, talent, and competence the job position that they can choose freely,

– or create with confidence their own entrepreneurship that corresponds to their authentic nature, uniqueness, and originality.


The MEEP aims to stimulate knowledge and research as a function of the holistic understanding of the cosmos.

A safe place

ISOFIA in its main house in Switzerland will provide the physical facility to accommodate the study group and facilitators for personal, social, and professional development.

In August 2021, the restoration work began on the structure that will welcome the participants in the residential project from September 2022.

Objectives of ISOFIA MEEP

to inspire young people from 18 years old to the perception, awareness and self esteem, as creatures with the body, soul and mind; to discover their talents (paths biodynamic evolutionary inner, group dynamics, Antropostura, NLP, etc) and to self-determination to become men and women of will, creative individuals, thinkers, free, and future citizens happy, active, creative and in the social life;

to reflect on the question of ” Who Am I?” confronted with the concept of Truth, and experience the knowledge going the way of the Arts: the Art of awareness, music, birth, health, agriculture, philosophy, medicine, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, architecture, science and research, through the relationship and the experience essential with nature;

Train on the basis of the observation of natural laws, and deepen the agricultural, humanistic, medical, scientific, eco-economic, geo/political concepts, revisiting the meaning of contemporary resilient society (community creation, biodynamic, permaculture, etc.);

Develop their talents to put them at the service of the community/society, acquiring culture, and communication tools, including linguistics (Italian, English, French, German, Latin, and Greek);

Through the experience of workshops for productions create-active and self-determination towards a sustainable economy, exchange-currency in parallel (EX.: Foundation Barterfly, Bill social, etc.) of the young participants in the course offered by MEEP prepare themselves to be ready to exchange in solidarity, altruistic, generous, ethical, and free of conflicts of interest, promoting the community, free from any form of control and taxation, but turn to a healthy, full and joyful well-being of cultural, artistic, and material;

To achieve the excellence of self-being, balancing harmoniously, the will, the heart, and the intellect, to operate in themselves and with others with confidence, joy, and enthusiasm, albeit in full awareness and responsibility, and to transform lives in a journey full of opportunities to evolve as a human being, spiritual and social to make the Earth a better world.

Hone talents and make their professional skills appropriate to the choice of their field of interest linked to a holistic vision of life;

Support the MEEP Project

To realize ISOFIA MEEP we have stages to go through for which we need financial support and / or exchanges of services, from all those who believe in the need to create new places of study and educational and professional development.