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ISOFIA 92. INTERNATIONAL MEETING special guest Reiner Füllmich

9 Novembre, 2022 @ 20:00 - 22:00 CET

Wednesday, 9th November 2022

8PM – 10PM 

 Switzerland time

Link at the bottom of the page 

Be the change you want to see in the world.”

                                                            Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Friends,

we invite you for one more ISOFIA meeting to discuss some very important issues.

We are glad to have with us tonight:

– Lawyer Reiner Füllmich, who will explore with us the following topics:

1. V
accination has been imposed as a surgical biological weapon to carry out castration, 

    sterilisation and lobotomy of populations.

    We are the witnesses of an aggression and pervasion of the dark power, that wants to destroy the life

    or summarizing succinctly, to destroy biophilia by promoting necrophilia: a spiritual conflict.

2. In the World, in Europe, and at this particular moment in Italy, the war is already on:
    The Italy is the headquarters of the Vatican and NATO with its 120 military bases and its 90 nuclear  

    bombs and through the geoengineering, all Italian regions are under a treacherous un/visible attack.

Day and night airplanes are spraying the sky with toxic metals.
The nature, the water, the earth, a
ll sources of life, the main agriculture, the population there are bombed.

The weather is totally messed up. The water bombs fell on the fields last months, where the largest farms are cultivating the biggest production of vegetables for Italy and Europe.

The diseases and psychological reactions outside the vaccinations are multiplied exponentially.

3. The power of NATO/WHO/EU after 3 years of the Covid/War/Energy crisis Narratives is really increasing?
    A power embittered, vicious, angry but weakened by the awakening of people?

4. Sovereignty of man and of communities. 

    A spiritual awakening of self-determinated, alive, free women and men under the universal laws.

We invited tonight international experts to delve into the topics, that will be covered in this meeting.

Please, we informed that tonight we will record the zoom!

Thank you for your participation!

Warmly hug

Unite we are very strong and when love, trust and empathy are true, the union is even stronger!
Meeting-ID: 865 1603 5521
Kenncode: 671780


9 Novembre, 2022
20:00 - 22:00 CET
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